Thursday, 12 September 2013

Report: A few finds from site!

This is just a selection of finds from site:

Please forgive the fuzzy picture - to give you the hint as to why it's fuzzy, the scale is in millimetres!  It is a glass bead, and currently we think it's Roman but will be consulting with some experts shortly to see what they think.  Well done to the digger who found this tiny object!

This shows the Crambeck mortarium rim, and another fragment. It's very typical of the industry, especially the brown paint used to decorate the rim. Dating around the 3rd & 4th century, it's all the way from Yorkshire.

This hulking piece of ceramic is a fragment of tegula - Roman roof tile.  We're finding lots of tile, which also includes flue tile used in hypocaust (Roman central heating) systems.

Some sherds of Roman greyware - archaeologists call this stuff greyware when they aren't sure what it is - it'll eventually get passed to an expert who will know where it was made!

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