Friday, 6 September 2013

Report: 5th September

All trenches are now being dug.  Geophys is still on site surveying.  Pot washing is being done.  Some of the ceramics are still rather water soluable, with the Roman Samian ware and some of the tile being the major culprits. The weather is good, but rain is on the cards, so gazebos were brought the previous evening (which entailed driving to the late night Argos over in Barrow, via the short cut of Corney Fell) and two were erected by Brian and Leo.  One was for the compound to provide extra shelter for the diggers at teabreak, plus shelter for the gallant potwashers.  The other was way up in the field near Trench 3 (Supervisor Rowan's domain) to provide some cover should it get really nasty up there - otherwise it's a long walk back in the rain!  

Director Kurt talks about Trench 1 - note the large blocks in the foreground - so large that they may well be part of a building.  Still a lot to do, though, to expose the trench properly
 Supervisor Bryan explains Trench 2.  There is a large area of stones, with more to uncover yet.  There's also a hint of some sort of industrial activity.  Bryan's also manfully modelling the Romans in Ravenglass t-shirt!

Supervisor Rowan talks about Trench 3.  The most advanced trench in that it has been mattocked and is down to a bit of trowelling in places. Again, stoned surfaces are to the fore ...

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