Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Report: 2nd-3rd September - setting up the compound

Apologies for the brief hiatus in blogs. Unfortunately trying to get onto the Web in the middle of a field in Cumbria is proving difficult at the best of times! Added to that, your blogger is also the Finds Officer and general compund dogsbody so it's been difficult to nip into the village and get onto the Pennington Hotel's super-stable wi-fi.  Finally, I'm here, and having done a few other urgent Web-based tasks have got to the blog.

2nd September was all to about getting the cabins and store, along with waiting for the van with all the digging equipment. The Welfare Unit, which is serving as an office, arrived at 10am, and not much later the Store and the portaloos.  This left only the Finds Cabin (which will also serve as a place to shelter from the rain) to be delivered.  Meanwhile, the Heras Panel sheeting was set around the cabins, so that they are secure whilst no-one's on site.

3rd September saw the delivery of the Finds Cabin (hurrah!) so the Finds Officer was able to check that all the equipment had actually turned up and set up ready for the next day.  Out on site, the trenches were being surveyed in, and the mechanical digger was able to start removing the topsoil.

4th September: We're digging!  As it's now getting on for 4pm and the site tour, I've got to run back to site to ensure there's someone actually looking after the compound.  Pictures to follow, hopefully tomorrow, but I have heard that there's some massive stones in one of the trenches, and can confirm we have actual Roman Finds! 

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