Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Hadrian's Wall Archaeology Forum 2015

"Hadrian's wall at Greenhead Lough" by Velella -Licensed under Public Domain

Thank you to David Brear who has pointed out that this year's Hadrian's Wall Archaeology Forum is on 28th November:

A further search gave these details:

This will bring us up to date with excavations on the Wall 2015.  The Hadrian’s Wall Archaeology Forum is an annual day-conference featuring talks for the general public about new discoveries in the Hadrian’s Wall frontier zone including the Cumbrian coast. This year’s programme features talks on excavation projects at Maryport (Steve Rowland and Tony Wilmott), Vindolanda (Andrew Birley) and Wallsend (Nick Hodgson) as well as that at Binchester (David Mason) which has revealed arguably the best-preserved Roman building in the whole of Britain. There will also be a range of publications on sale at reduced prices. Price = £12.00 (includes tea/coffee mid-morning and mid-afternoon). 

No representation from Romans in Ravenglass this year, but the nearby fort of Maryport has a lecture.