Monday, 30 September 2013

Report: 26th-28th September 2013

The last few days on site were very busy, hence the lack of blogging :D  As well as hosting another day of School Visits, we also had the BBC visit us on Friday, along with the usual film crew also getting those last few shots for their film for the Lake District. 

BBC North West interviewed people on site, as well as taking film of the finds. Unfortunately, there isn't a link to the Look North programme on the BBC website, so those who actually saw it can count themselves as lucky!

The BBC cameraman went to great lengths to get a good shot of the Samian 'Venus' sherd, which is rather tiny, but she *did* appear on the tv!

Furious packing up of washed finds took place on the Saturday, and fortunately the weather stayed fine so there was plenty of room to sort them all out!  A big thank you to Janice who undertook this mammoth task!

Maggie kindly washed the door pivot stone which finally made its way to the Finds Hut.

And here it is, nice and clean.  It's possible to see the 'fault' line on the top right, which would have ruled it out of being a quernstone.

Then it was time for the final Finds Talk and the Final Site Tour of the season and there was a very good turnout out, including the Muncaster Estate owners Peter and Iona Frost Pennington:

Director Kurt's thoughts on the dig so far will be included in a future blog!

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