Friday, 20 September 2013

Report: 19th September

The rain it did rainith once more, but managed to stop around lunchtime so digging recommenced with vigour.
Trench 1 now has great evidence for a wall foundation, as shown in the above picture with the massive stone blocks.  The date of the feature is currently unknown.  It's surrounded by a layer of smaller stones which may be demolition debris.

In Trench 2 there appears to be evidence of a collapsed wall, which may have been part of a building, or perhaps a boundary.  There is a long sequence of activity which became apparent when digging a sump in an attempt to drain the trench of water (!)  There are traces of possible burnt timbers.  Also discovered in the sump was a water course which may have been there before the Roman settlement.

In Trench 3 there is evidence of a sequence of occupation involving more than one building. Floor deposits are currently being dug, and samples for environmental evidence are being taken. This is also the trench that yielded one of the best pieces of Roman Samian ware so far. This sherd is rather less soluable than previous pieces (though still fragile) and current thinking is that it shows Venus. She is surely a candidate for being printed on next year's dig t-shirt!:

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