Saturday, 7 September 2013

Report: 6th September

Rain didn't quite stop play, and the usual site tour took place at 4pm:

In Trench One they are now looking for a possible Roman road.  Trench two has an alignment of large stones which is possibly a wall and there's a surface of cobbles.  Way up the field in Trench Three there are two parallel alignments of large stones - it's possible it's a building.

Meanwhile, in the Finds Hut,  a Roman Crambeck mortarium was being looked after. It's parchment ware (which means it's a pale yellow colour) and has red-brown paint on its reeded rim.  This pottery is produced in Yorkshire during the 3rd and 4th centuries AD, so the York contingent of the staff team where happy to see a familiar sight!  Photo to follow when it's been washed.

Two gazebos were erected by Brian and Leo.  One resides in the compound.  The other was placed (rather hopefully, as it turned out) up near Trench Three to provide shelter ...

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