Thursday, 12 September 2013

Report: 10th-11th September

Trench 1 is now getting into some serious digging, with Director Kurt finally getting down to a bit of supervising. They've probably located a Roman street which is crossing the site. Supervisor Bryan's Trench 2 has a probably Roman stone wall footing, with a path adjacent. This path, which has shown up on Geophys, leads directly to the bath house. Trench 2 also has industrial activity going on, with plenty of slag in the finds trays. Supervisor Rowan's Trench 3 probably has stone footings for timber buildings, and burning suggests industrial or domestic activity.

Clark, the Environmentalist, has now set up on site, and will be looking for plants and seeds with the help of the volunteers.

The weather continues to be a little unkind, with enough rain to make it a tad muddy site - for example, this is Director Kurt looking up the fencing yesterday evening.  Note, that with typical digger cunning, he's standing on one of the fence blocks so as not to get his feet any wetter!

 Meanwhile, we've taken delivery of two banners:
 Just in time for the Open Day on Friday!

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