Saturday, 7 September 2013

Report: 7th September

With the trenches being increasingly flooded out, rain stopped play by lunchtime. Pot washing was undertaken, but only a limited number could be accommodated.  It was decided to call it a day.

Whilst cleaning up, one of the diggers found a strange beast floating in the (new) Lake Ravenglass:

What could it be?  Kurt, Leo and Brian immediately knew that is was the Centurion Duck, which is probably the site mascot now.  At least he was fully able to appreciate the deluge!

That concludes the first week of the project.  Digging starts again next Tuesday, and we've been told the weather WILL be better.  On the following Friday and Saturday we will be having our first Open Days!

Those with Roman withdrawal symptoms can come down to the Pennington Hotel in Ravenglass and meet some Romano-British folk from Deja Crew making pot and weaving on Sunday:

Apologies: until next Friday, there will be a hiatus in blogging from me (Sandra).  I'm off to York for a few days, but should be back blogging by Friday with a bit of luck.  In the meantime, Director Kurt will keep a brief diary and take a few pictures, which I will upload later on.

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