Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Comment: Rowans in Ravenglass!

We currently have a dog on site, and she's called Rowan!  Yes, Rowan's owner is working in Supervisor Rowan's trench, and doggie Rowan is tethered up nearby!  Calls of 'Sit, Rowan!' are rather confusing!:

From left to right: Rowan (with coffee cup) Rowan (with squeaky toy), Rowan's owner!

Meanwhile, it has come to the Blogger's attention that some people are aware there was a rubber duck in a previous blog, but not that it was a Roman Centurion Rubber Duck!  So just to prove it, here he is, lording it over some pottery:

We think he's a very, very apt dig mascot - centurion and duck fits the bill (no pun intended!) perfectly :D

Edit: Title of blog changed at Supervisor Rowan's  suggestion!


  1. ...photo's of a very enjoyable day; https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A959UlCqGYBMwN

  2. Thank you! Lovely pictures - hope you don't mind that I've featured it in a blog post :D