Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Report: 16th September

... and just for a change it's raining again, and windy with it!  This meant that even the compound gazebo stayed in its box.  Strangely, the humans didn't want to stay indoors and went out to paddle around in the mud!

In Trench One they were cleaning up the foundations of a possible building (foreground), and a street (background):
Photography and planning are due to take place.

Meanwhile in Trench 2 there were rumours of something rather interesting, but Supervisor Bryan is literally keeping it under wraps due to the rain, so no pix yet!

Much washing of finds is taking place, though it's likely that the trays will run out before they are are finished!   A quick read of the previous dig on the fort revealed that they too did not find much in the way of (animal) bone, except where it was burnt - just like us!

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