Thursday, 5 September 2013

Report: 4th September, and pictures

4th September: Another busy day on site, with machining continuing in Trench 1 & 2.  Geophys was on site again.  Trench 3 is now fully operational and the subject of much trowelling!

Here's a quick picutre diary of the Dig so far, up to 4th September:
Brian , Leo,  Kurt and Oscar the dog contemplate the field work ahead

The Welfare Unit/Office.  Complete with the Ladies Loo with the dodgy door knob and generator dependent lighting!
Director Kurt and Supervisor Bryan sort out the generator ...
Director Kurt and Supervisor Bryan sort out the Heras Fencing Panel ...
The Compound completed : Store to the left, along with the Portaloos, Finds Hut straight ahead and Welfare Unit, with Ladies Loo to the right!
John the machine driver and Supervisor Bryan take the top soil off Trench 1
Geophys (GSB) was on site undertaking the magnotometer survey and the volunteers helped in the afternoon
 Jimmy from GSB shows the volunteers the data they collected - he was impressed that they had demagnetised themselves pretty well (no metals can be worn whilst undertaking the survey)
The best photo by far ( though I might be biased, signed the Finds Officer!) Simona and Jan wash finds - Roman Samian, tile, and rather more recent glazed pot

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