Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Report: 17th & 18th September

Digging continues, despite the deluge!  Trench features are being planned and levelled, when the weather allows. Digging is difficult as it's so muddy in the trenches that any features can't be cleaned properly.  Below, some diggers return to the compound for a well-earned break:

Some people even revel in the damp and wear shorts (he's a brave chap, but it's easier than getting wet trousers!):

Supervisor Bryan has taken delivery of a brand new hi-vis jacket - he's thrilled (it's made of Goretex, y'know), and is defending it from all-comers, but not from the dirt ...

But when it comes to Rowan, he's a push-over and lets her have some of his breakfast pie!:

Fieldwalking Supervisor Tudur (right, below) has arrived, and has been getting the lie of the land prior to doing a bit of work on the beach today. This involved waiting for the tide to go out and talking strategy with Director Kurt (left):

Tudur'll be on the project for another few days, so the diggers will have the chance to search the surrounding area for features and finds. Local digger Brian was happy to take him on a tour of the area:

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