Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Comment: Not long now!

Hot off the press, it's the dig's 2014 tshirt!  Those who have already ordered theirs from ZikZak, should receive them soon.

Now it feels like the dig is really happening! Serious packing has begun here in York - we're tracking down and sorting out equipment, making sure we have paperwork, and everything else we need for a month's stay in Ravenglass.

The core digging team is the same as last year - Kurt is directing, Bryan and Rowan are supervising, and I will be lurking in the finds hut again. There will be changes in the staffing for the environmental sampling and fieldwalking, plus the addition of a Community Archaeologist on the open days to supervise the new Trench 4. There'll be more details in a later blog.

By this time next week in Ravenglass, the cabins will have arrived to form the compound. After picking up Rowan from ArcHeritage in Sheffield, and calling in at YAT in York to pick up the digging equipment, a big van will have arrived and been unpacked.

The team will be assembled and looking forward to another intensive and exciting excavation in the vicus at Ravenglass - see you soon!

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