Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Broadcast: Wonderwall - Site Director talks to BBC Radio York about Ravenglass

On 4th November, around lunchtime, Director Kurt went to talk to BBC Radio York about the Ravenglass dig. On a monthly basis, broadcaster Elly Fiorentini invites a local archaeologist in to talk about what they're digging. Usually it's about a York site, which made Ravenglass up in Cumbria  positively exotic!  So that York actually gets a look in, you'll hear Elly mention one of Kurt's more notorious previous sites, Dalton Terrace - the one with the headless Romans.

To hear the programme, follow this link, then use the slider to go to 02.39 into the three hour recording. It can be a fiddle, but if you hear Wonderwall by Oasis, you'll be very close - presumably Elly chose that song as a veiled reference to Hadrian's Wall!

The interview was actually broadcast at around 6.35pm, so the interview was edited.  However, generally, Kurt was pleased with what they chose to broadcast.

Please note: the programme will only be up for a week (in fact six days by the time this blog was posted), so you'll need to listen very soon.

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