Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Comment: Get automatic updates of the blog!

This blog is updated fairly regularly, even out of season. But it must be difficult for readers to keep up to date, having to remember to keep coming back. To solve the problem, there is now a new Gadget!

If you look in the right hand column of the blog screen and scroll down a bit, you will find 'Follow the Romans in Ravenglass Blog By Email' and a box to enter your email address. You will need to verify the email by entering the word you will see on the screen, after that you will get an email from FeedBurner Email Subscriptions with a link to activate your blog subscription.  On clicking the link you should receive email updates to this blog.

In the pipeline are items about the various categories of finds as the specialists give in their reports, plus further information about the Geophysical Survey. Give it a go, and never miss new posts!

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