Friday, 19 July 2013

Timetable for Romans in Ravenglass 2013

Just to confirm the major dates for the Romans in Ravenglass project this year:

3rd August - Introductory day.  At the Pennington Arms in Ravenglass, and including a site tour.

September digging days: 

4th-7th September

10th-14th September

13th September - Open Day: what is being dug up in Ravenglass? Join the project archaeologists for tours of the Ravenglass excavation site. Find out more about Roman Ravenglass from displays and artefacts. Bring your finds along to be identified by the Portable Antiquities Scheme. 10.30am-3pm

14th September - Open Day for all: Family fun day at the Romans in Ravenglass excavation site. Get your hands on some real Roman artefacts, dress up like a Roman, join the archaeologists for a tour of the Roman site and much more! 10.30am-3pm

16th-21st September

21st September - Open Day for all: A chance to celebrate the end of the excavation season. Find out what has been unearthed. What more do we know about the Romans in Ravenglass? Tours, displays, artefacts and activities for all! Bring your finds along to be identified by the Portable Antiquities Scheme. 10.30am-3pm

24th-28th September - Last week of digging!

19th October - Hadrian's Wall Archaeology Forum - although Kurt may be attending, he is no longer due to talk at the Forum.  However, he will be doing a session at next year's Forum.

3rd November - Ravenglass Presentation at Lake District Conference - see blog entry here, for details.  Director Kurt will be giving a talk detailing what happened in the first year's season, including Geophys.  Also, the film that was being made about the dig will get its first showing!

2014 - Ravenglass Community Presentation (further details tbc); Hadrian's Wall Archaeology Forum lecture (tbc); Second season of excavations, possibly September (tbc)

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